some of my illsutrations appeared in an magazine/zine called exkaputtgehen. maybe you are lucky and will get your hands on an issue. i don´t have one myself, but maybe you have more luck.

everything about exkaputtgehen can be found here

i may contriburte to an american online magazine called mungbeing. find out about it here . i will keep you updated about that!

i contributed some work to the clownfisch project. clownfish made blank magazines and told the people to fill the pages and send the filled mag back to them so they can choose from all the contributions for the upcoming print issue of clownfisch.

today i found “my cover” on their blog so maybe i will appear in the upcoming issue. but if it´ll happen or not. the clownfisch project is always worth to check out and besides that they are really nice people! so go and check out clownfiisch here

my cover:


Lifer Zine issue #2

January 31, 2009

i uploaded photos of the second issue of lifer zine. you can find it as an extra category in the navigation. as you might have recognized i chose to change the homepage a little bit. this if – for now – only a little change. i will redesign the whole thing pretty soon. but as every designer knows: the own homepage is always last on the list.

new work

January 11, 2009

hi there,

i added two new categories on the page called “sketch_1” and “knight”. i will post more sketches too. above that i have some other stuff that i want to upload asap.

i will be part of steppenhexe #5 which will be a great issue. there will be an exhibition in cologne for the release of the mag. we are all very excited!

i am a mess

December 20, 2008

hi everybody,

so much happened since my last post. i will keep this going from now on a little better and permanently.

the new issue of steppenhexe just came out. check out this link for more info. i contributed some pages.

above that i have an illustration in the current gleich magazin. it’s for free, but you can only get it in cologne. but you can download it as a pdf on their homepage which is: GLEICH Magazin

i try to get some of my stuff published in other media, but as fas as their is nothing confirmed i won’t tell you about that.

right now i am in la so maybe that will open a new door.

oh, if i am allowed to talk about next year there will definately be another birdland xzibit and a nice steppenhexe exhibition together with the release of issue no. 5 which is supposed to happen in may.

hugs, s


draussen zwitschern die engel. sie haben kleine wuermer aus der erde gefischt und laben sich daran. ich schaue interessiert zu.



i contributed a shirt design to lafraise. you can vote for the design if you want it to be produced. just klick on the banner above to get all the info you need. hope you like the design.

to vote and support me you have to register an account on the lafraise homepage. but dont worry: its for free and you can choose if they send you newsletters or not. after you registered you take a look at the “laFraise classics” section and klick on the design. you can vote for it then. thank you.

its been a long time…

April 8, 2008


i know….i should have posted some news earlier. but i didnt.

so whats going on:

first of all i want to invite every illustrator and anybody else to contribute to the next steppenhexe issue. it´ll be the most beautiful and best issue so far. we plan to print a nice silkscreen cover that can be folded out so it is a poster at the same time. we are excited about that.

the theme for the upcoming issue is “introspection”. any other info that you need can be found HERE

there is birdland news too. i will have an exhibition in cologne this year again. it´ll take place in the same venue as last year. i will post more info about that later because the exhibtion will be on the fouth of july which is still some time away.

i also applied for a plush exhibtion in america which i´d love to be part of. i will know if i can be part of it SOON. wish me luck.

i also might contribute to a magazine based in london. but until it´s definite i won´t tell you any more.


es hat ein wenig gedauert, aber es gibt wieder neuen inhalt. ein paar neue puppen und illustrationen. ich bin nach wie vor mit meinem vordiplom beschäftigt, aber kommende woche ist auch dies erledigt.

ich freue mich euch alle einladen zu können. es handelt sich um die veröffentlichungsfestivitäten zur dritten ausgabe der steppenhexe. thema war “herrengedeck” und am 19.10.2007 erblickt das neue heft das licht der welt. wo? auf dem sichtwerk der uni essen. die steppenhexe hat dort einen eigenen ausstellungsraum und freut sich auf euch!

darüber hinaus möchte ich auch gern auf die sichtwerkaprty und das sichtwerk an sich hinweisen. generelle info zum sichtwerk findest du unter der adresse:


die party findet im hotel shanghai statt. es wird gut!

ich bin bestolpert und hack die wand ein. ich laufe.